Tips and Tricks:

Make sure to have a lot of constitution, it will help raise the skills way faster.


You should stock up on Purple Dandelions, Moonflowers, Phoenix Feathers before you start raising this skill.
1-24:    Pots Of Healing

24-40:  Elixers Of Healing

40-49:  Cure Pots

49-66:  Curative Elixers

66-70:  Pots of Rejuv

70-76:  Elixers Of Rejuv

76-93:  Pots Of Meta

93+      Elixers Of Meta


Next to making arrows and blank books, this skill has little use. This skill also does not raise higher than 90.

 1-12:   Staff

12-21:  Arrow

21-31:  Arrow +1

31-41:  Arrow +2

41-54:  Arrow +3

54+:    Blank Books


You should stock up on gems(Sapphires,Emeralds,Ruby's and Amethysts). 

You can create Gold Ingots from Gold Pieces, this is a cheap way to produce Gold Ingots.

You can also use the Blacksmith Extension to create Talismans.

1-12:     Gold Ingot (from Gold ore)

12-30:   Gold Ingot(from Gold pieces)

30-36:   Wizardry Ring

36-44:   Agile Ring

49-50:   Serpent Ring

50-67:   Gold Tipped Arrows

67-72:   Magic Ring

72-80:   Wedding Ring

80-87:   Guild broach

87-92:   Guild Bracelet

92-95:   Pendant

95+:      Gold Plate


You should stock up on Iron, Copper and Silver Ores/Ingots. For some items you will require lumber.

Use the blacksmith extension to create more items. Linked HERE

1-10:    Copper Ingots

10-15:   Mace

15-20:   Iron Ingots

20-30:   Long Sword

29-32:   Stiletto

32-35:   Silver Ingots

35-43:   Falchion / Broadsword

43-50:   Axe

50-57:   Large Axe

57-65:   Ring Mail

65-69:   Light plate

69-72:   Field plate

72-77:   Splint mail

77+:      Full Plate / Battle Axe


You should stock up on Flour, Sugar, Apples. Try to get fish(Use Fishing skill or NPC/Players) aswell.

1-12:     Flour -or- Loaf Of Bread -or- Smoked Sardines

12-17:   Sugar

17-38:   Cookie

20-38:   Fried Catfish

38-60:   Crepes Suzette

40-60:   Smoked Salmon

60-80:   Fried Trout

68-80:   Doughnut

80-92:   Delectable Pufferfish

84-100: Starberry pie

96+:     Apple Pie

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