Extra Files.[edit | edit source]

This includes Faldon Package made by Spectre. (Drop all files into your Faldon Folder)

  • Faldon Patch Bypasser: Will open the game instantly instead of patching.
  • Faldon Screenshot Viewer: Opens Faldon screenshots
  • Faldon Utilities: Add extra hotkeys (not sure if this still works), change chat color
  • Faldon Drop Finder: Find drop rates.
  • Faldon Item Colour Editor: Change item colors and art. (Make claymore look like a Skull Blade; only works on your screen) I will make a simple guide if people want it
  • Faldon Script Editor: Nevermind this
  • Window Mover: In case you play in windowed mode; use this tool to drag the game on your screen,

Faldon Macro:

> Fmacro


A program that shows each monster their stats/drops/resistance etc. Very useful tool.

Download here.

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