Add your own Fmacro scripts and I will list them here! Click contribute on the top right corner and click Add a page. Then save the page, name it and send the name of the page to Haggy in game!

Camp01 (Simple Camping Script by Haggy)
Move01 (Simple Moving Script by Haggy)
Download FMacro: FMACRO

How to Fmacro

Below I will explain the basics for Fmacro. Its easy once you know how it works.


// ?comment Example: //Hello Doesn't do anything for the script, only adds a comment in your script. Used to explain why you made a part of the script and for what reason

select #skillid Example: select #6 Selects the skill Holy Armour in game.

say $text Example: say S Hello Says Hello in S-chat

delay #millisecs Example: delay #1000 This will cause a delay in your script. Delay #1000 is 1 second. 2000 is 2 seconds, etc.

move #X_relative #Y_Relative Example: Move #2 #1 / Move #-2 #-1 This will move your character up and down 1 tile.

Other commands are not used or are broken.

How to start Fmacro:

If you are using Windows 8+, run Fmacro as Administrator.

Use F11 to Start/Stop the macro.

Once the program started use the Main option and click Find Client. (Sometimes you have to do it multiple times) Enter your script and then click Check Script to see if there are no mistakes in your script. Fmacro will always target the first game that has been opened. So if you are double-logged and want to use Fmacro on the second char you logged in, you have to log out the first char to be able to use the macro on the second char.

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