(Unfinished quick Guide)

Requirements to start: About 30 Blacksmithing (Less than 33BS)

Requirements to finish: 41 Mining

Required Items: 10 Loafs of bread, 50 Sardines, 1 pickaxe, 1 lantern.

Quest Start: Mr. Smith NPC in Midgaurd

Must please the miners with items.

3 Locations of NPC's:

  1. Valour Elf Gulch Cave. (Pickaxe)
  2. Noob mining cave on val map (near mid map). (Lantern)
  3. Cave above thieves town (next to Charles NPC). (10 Loafs of bread, then 50 sardines)

Return to Mr. Smith in Midgaurd.

Reward: Use of furnace, and XX quest points.

Furnace Information:

Probably 31 Blacksmithing required for Copper Ingots (50 logs/lumber, 1000 Copper ore into 1000 Copper ingots)

41 Blacksmithing required for Iron Ingots (75 logs/lumber, 1000 Iron ore into 1000 Iron ingots)

51 Blacksmithing required for Silver Ingots (100 logs/lumber, 1000 Silver ore into 1000 Silver ingots)

XX Goldsmithing required for Gold Ingots (100 logs/lumber, 1000 Gold ore into 1000 Golde Ingots)

Unknown Gold/Blacksmithing Required for Elvin Gold (150 logs/lumber, 25 Elvin nuggets into 1 Elvin gold)

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