Use 2 chars, and have 1 inventory full of soccer balls (found at the soccer field). Then use a macroer to let both chars steal from eachother and walk up and down (1 tile) every 10/15 second.


You can raise telekenisis from 1-200.89(Claimed) using just a Claymore. (glass Sword can be used but is slower)

Place the claymore on the ground (In a safe location GH,House,Hell Mines etc) Move far enough away from the claymore so that it says your skill is not powerful enough to move it. Now repeatedly click telekenisis on it. Even though the claymore does not move this still raises the skill. Beware the item will dissapear off the ground and off the face of the earth after 7 minutes. Set a timer on 6 minute intervals and every 6 minutes pick up the Cm and re-place it on the ground. If your exceptionally lazy you can enlist another person to be with you to pick up the Cm and re-place it every 6 minutes so you dont have to worry about it.

You can raise it from 1.00 with Mrobe to Divine also, at your own risk. Kplate works even better, but good luck on getting that and find the courage to drop it on the ground.

Mana Thief:

Been done exactly like Pickpocket, only then without the balls. Best done while zerking and having low intelligence.

Animal Taming:

Updated per 1st of March 2016. Thanks to Rastlin.

Mouse 1-25

Blue Bunny 25-42

Skeletal Lord 42-55

Corrosive 55-70

Brown Bear 70-85

Black Bear 85-104

Blue Dragon 104-120

Green Dragon 120-130

Gold Dragon 130-151

Dire Wolf 151-170

Bengal Tiger 170-175

Winter Wolf 175-185

Dragon Ghost 185-200.89


Best to do this with maxed con stats. Stand next to a player or a NPC and use macroer to heal them.


Use a macroer to macro this skill, walk around will raise it the fastest. Best raised while being Polymorphed or zerked. Seeing it raises if it fails.


Again best to use maxed con stats. You should put a char 4 tiles down from your char and have the mouse right click the char and the CLOSE box, that way you'll be able to raise this the fastest.

Lumberjacking, mining and fishing:

Use macroer to raise this the fastes, lumberjack is done on trees found all over faldon, mining in mines. And fishing in water (Hint: With fishing you should use ~grid command. The orange lines are where the fish can be found.

Animal Lore:

1-35:          Yourself

35-54:         Daijas

54-67:        Blue Dragons

67-81:        Green Dragons

81-91:        Silver Dragons

91-200.89: Ghost Dragons.


1-35:       2

35-45:     3

45-58:     4

58-65:     5 

65-75:     6 

75-88:     7

88-99:     8

99-115:   9

115+      10


1-10: Wheat Seed 10-22: Sugar Cane 22-30: Firebrush leave 30-42.01: Sunshade

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